About the projet

The Furka car transport takes passengers through the Furka tunnel from Oberwald to Realp and vice versa in under 20 minutes, thus saving them the trip over the Furka Pass, which is not possible in winter. The modernisation project ensures the operation and use of the control cars for the next 20 years. The comprehensive modernisation and refurbishment include, among other things, aligning the controls with the modernised HGe 4/4 II locomotives, replacing the vehicle control system, replacing and widening the end wall door for motorcycle and bicycle loading, or refurbishing the car body and the bogies. As part of the project, measures will be implemented to ensure that the vehicle is compliant with current certification standards in terms of fire protection.

The vehicles will be refurbished in the MGB workshops. The schedule allows for only a short refurbishment window in the summer, as the vehicle availability during the winter months takes top priority. This operational constraint places high demands on the overall project management and the staff involved in the refurbishment.

Our contribution

Enotrac has been commissioned by the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway (MGB) to refurbish the BDt 4361-4363 car train control cars for operation with the modernised HGe 4/4 II locomotives. As the main contractor, Enotrac is responsible for the overall project management and project planning, complete engineering, material procurement, vehicle refurbishment, commissioning and type testing, as well as the re-certification of the refurbished vehicles.

The refurbishment and modernisation includes the installation of numerous new systems and components (e.g. ZSI-127, HMI, PIS, V measuring system, etc.), the complete renewal of the vehicle control system (TCMS), adaptation of drivers’ desk to match the modernised locomotives, installation of a new wall door for motorbike and bicycle loading, implementation of various fire protection measures and the addressing improvements requests from operations.

  • Client

    Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

  • Period

    May 2023 – December 2025

  • Location

    Furka car shuttle train (Oberwald – Realp)

Facts and Figures

cab cars
Extended lifespan of the cab cars in years
the number of vehicles that will be transported through the Furka tunnel in the next 20 years

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