About the project

Over the next 10 years, GVB Rail Infra Bedrijf (RIB) anticipates the replacement of a minimum of 15 rectifier stations, with the aim of securing the future reliability of the metro and tram network.

At the core of this initiative lies the strategic implementation of a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solution. The solution will offer a comprehensive simulation tool capable of modelling both the current infrastructure and any future changes, serving as the foundation for planning and decision making. Through the SaaS implementation, GVB aims to harness in-depth insights related to energy consumption, timetable adjustments, braking energy recovery, and future growth scenarios, paving the way for a more resilient and efficient transportation network.

The project aligns seamlessly with Enotrac’s commitment to advancing sustainable and robust transportation infrastructure. With Fabel, Enotrac offers a sophisticated simulation tool, certified according to EN 50641, that will empower GVB with insights into energy consumption, network optimization, and braking energy recovery, contributing to GVB’s operational efficiency and sustainability goals.

Visualisation of the results of voltage at pantograph on the map

Our contribution

Enotrac’s major contributions to the project include:

  • SaaS Solution (Fabel): Introducing Enotrac’s in-house simulation software, Fabel, and cloud services as the project’s core tool.
  • Model Development: Implementing comprehensive models of both the metro and tram networks for precise simulations.
  • Training: Empowering GVB engineers with expert training to proficiently and independently use the Fabel simulation tool.
  • Validation: Ensuring model accuracy and establishing credibility in the modelling results via validation against empirical measurements taken from the North-South line of the Amsterdam Metro Network.


Comparison of simulated and measured speed profile for validation.

Facts and Figures

takes one 24h-simulation
Fabel Licences provided
total length of the network
  • Client

    GVB Infra. B.V.

  • Period

    December 2022 – present

  • Location 


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