Qualität ist Teil der Philosophie von Enotrac. Im Bild befindet sich ein Enotrac Mitarbeiter bei der Prüfung.


As a company with Swiss roots, we embody quality: Precision, diligence, and reliability are our credo.

Kundennutzen ist ein Wert von Enotrac und Teil des Leitbilds

Customer Focused

We understand our customers and provide them with solutions for their technically advanced projects.


We are independent and always committed to the cause.

Wertschätzung ist ein Wert von Enotrac

Employee Centric

We provide both interesting work and an attractive work environment to our employees. Their growth, learning and success is our top priority.

Integrität ist ein Wert von Enotrac und Teil des Leitbilds


We are honest, trustworthy, and reliable. Open communication and collaborative partnership are important to us with our customers, employees, and partners being are our assets.

Nachhaltigkeit ESG


We contribute to society, sustainable mobility, and a healthy environment, acting in accordance with ethical principles.

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Our mission statement: Why we do, what we do

Our services help to make public transportation safe, efficient, and sustainable. We strive to maximise our contribution to the safety, punctuality, and comfort of public transportation around the world.

As an independent engineering company, Enotrac provides highly specialised and interdisciplinary engineering and consulting services for public transportation, with a focus on railways. We deliver high value to our clients, especially railway and infrastructure operators, urban transit authorities, manufacturers, government agencies and other engineering firms, shaping public transportation today and in the future.

Close and collaborative partnerships based on expertise, honesty, and open communication are particularly important to us. We work with passion and diligence, placing great emphasis on quality and efficiency. Our success is reflected in the implementation of numerous prestigious projects worldwide, bringing us joy and pride.

Enotrac’s high problem-solving competence combined with flexibility and reliability make us a distinguished and trusted, as well as an attractive employer for our staff since 1987. We value our team members whose success is our top priority. We support the learning and growth of our team both within and beyond the work environment.

Satisfying our clients and employees, as well as the passengers in a functional and sustainable public transportation: this is what keeps us motivated every day as we shape public transportation.