About the project

As part of the expansion of the Olten industrial plant, a new hall will be added to the existing Tannwald Nord carriage hall. The new hall is scheduled to go be opened in 2025. The site is the car park north of the central building. For this purpose, existing installations such as temporary tent halls, storage rooms,and the car park lighting were dismantled to make way for the new hall with six new tracks. This enables SBB to expand its maintenance capacities and meet future requirements.

The new “Body Competence” hall will be have a 50 Hz medium-voltage supply and distribution system with a transformer from which the electrical installations will be fed. To process the car bodies, rails will be installed on which the carraiges can be positioned using a transfer platform. The new hall will be electrically grounded and connected to the existing systems, and it must therefore be integrated into the existing overarching grounding concept of the industrial plant.

In the area of the new hall, numerous existing lines for traction power supply, the multi-voltage control system, as well as the low-voltage and communication systems had to be relocated to allow for the foundation work of the hall.

If you would like an insight into the Olten Industrial Plant, we recommend the video from the channel Eisenbahn in german, which explains how heavy maintenance and modernisation of passenger carriages and trains are carried out. The video also provides an glimpse into the future development of the Olten Industrial Plant, in which our Enotrac team is involved.

Our contribution

Due to the complexity, a  preliminary project was undertaken to first identify the many lines and assign them to their respective owners: SBB Passenger Transport, SBB Infrastructure or SBB Real Estate. Among the affected lines were the 15 kV traction power supply line from the overhead line system and the fibre optic communication link to the plant. High-voltage cables and control cables of the multi-voltage test facility were also affected. Additionally, low-voltage cables and other control / signalling cables needed to be rerouted. Enotrac primarly undertook the following tasks:

  • Identification of the affected lines with their respective owners and the contacts for coordination of the relocation
  • Planning new cable routes and switching from old to the new lines, ensuring that operations were not disrupted.
  • Integrating the new hall into the overall earthing concept of the plant.
  • Contributing to the dossier for the planning approval process
  • Tendering for the cables and the relocation and installation work
  • Execution support, construction supervision and consudcting inspections and ensuring defects rectification

Assuming responsibility for the work during disconnection, relocation and re-commissioning of the 15 kV traction power supply line to the plant

Facts and Figures

Total costs of the project in CHF
Total cable length affected by construction
Square metres is the area of the new hall
  • Client

    SBB Immobilien AG

  • Period

    2022 – 2024

  • Location

    Olten, Schweiz

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