Enotrac competently takes on the task of the expert with the following services:

  • Assessment with regard to safety, conformity with regulations, suitability for use and technical compatibility
  • Verification of safe integration into the overall system
  • Drafting of the expert report

Enotrac provides expert opinions on various safety-relevant subsystems of a vehicle. This includes brakes as well as parts of the train control, train protection and signalling (CCS).

Examples of projects undertaken by Enotrac include:

  • Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB): A safety-relevant addition to an anti-skid system was implemented on MGB’s HGe 4/4 II locomotive. Enotrac provided the expert opinion on the safe integration of the wheel slide protection system.
  • Seetal-GTW RABe 520 (SBB): A new wheelchair-accessible entrance was installed in the vehicle. Enotrac tested and assessed compliance with the standard EN 14752.
  • Zurich S-Bahn: A new door control system was implemented in the DTZ (2nd generation) double-decker train of the Zurich S-Bahn. Enotrac carried out the test of compliance with the normative requirements.
  • On SBB’s RABDe 500 tilting train, parts of the tilting technology were replaced. This safety-relevant change required an assessment by experts.
  • Brienz Rothorn Bahn (BRB): The TELOC was replaced on the steam locomotives of the BRB. On behalf of SCONRAIL, the Enotrac experts prepared the report on this safety-relevant change.

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