About the project

The existing 600 VDC power supply of the Littorail tram line from Neuchâtel to Boudry (line 215) must be reviewed with regard to the procurement of new vehicles. A new earthing concept must be drawn up.

Between La Chaux-de-Fonds and les Ponts-de-Martel (line 222) and between Le Locle and Les Brenets (line 224), various renewals are planned, including the traction current supply. This includes an assessment of the earthing and return line and an adjustment of the protection parameters.

The approximately 12 km long railway line between Travers and Buttes is operated with 15 kV / 16.7 Hz. Various renewals are planned, including for the overhead contact line systems. A new power supply concept is being developed for this purpose.

Our contribution

Enotrac was commissioned by transN to conduct a network study of lines 215, 222 and 224. As a basis for the study, Enotrac used the simulation tool Fabel for initial simulations. In addition, various electrical studies were carried out for lines 222 and 224, and the earthing and protection concept was prepared. An earthing concept was created for the Littorail 215 tram line.

Enotrac also developed the feeding concept for the line between Travers and Buttes and carried out an NIR assessment for typical cross sections. This consisted of determining the relevant currents, calculating the current distribution in the conductors with SIMNET and calculating the magnetic fields with EMFCALC.

In these extensive projects, Enotrac supported transN with experience and state-of-the-art tools to develop the planned modernisation and expansion measures, ensuring safe and fault-free railway operation in the long term.

  • Customer

    transN – Transports publics neuchâtelois

  • Period

    2016 – 2021


  • Location

    Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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