About the project

SBB is refitting its ICN trains (RABDe 500). This also affects parts of the control technology (MITRAC), which has reached the end of its life cycle. The availability of spare parts for certain components is no longer assured and thus jeopardises future operation. Part of these components are to be replaced in order to improve the spare parts situation enough for the remaining lifespan of the vehicles.

Identification of the parts of the control technology to be replaced is based on the technical feasibility and aspects regarding the homologation of the modification. Several variants were considered. The result of the project is a recommendation for the partial replacement of the control technology based on both technical and commercial aspects.

Our contribution

Enotrac first had to establish a reliable starting position for the successful implementation of the project. This was done by creating a comprehensive overview of the control technology, where each module was categorized after analysis of all the signals treated in terms of its relevance for safety. After estimating the quantity and type of modules that need to be replaced, these could be identified.

A technical comparison with replacement modules available on the market was also important, as was an evaluation of the integration capability of these modules into the vehicle. Two variants were tested, namely the use of a Multifunction Vehicle Bus (MVB) and the switch to Ethernet.

Enotrac was able to contribute its many years of experience in different technical and commercial areas of railway technology to this project. The result was a well-founded recommendation for the partial replacement of the control technology, which is realistic in terms of costs.

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  • Customer

    SBB Passenger Division

  • Period

    2020 – 2021

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