About the project

Inspired by the ECM regulation, Zentralbahn is adapting the handling of safety-relevant components and activities in rolling stock maintenance to meet the current requirements.

With this in mind, the current processes and requirements for the employees involved are being recorded in a structured manner. New processes are to be developed in workshops based on an analysis of the current situation and requirements.

These must be documented accordingly (with specification and follow-up documents) and, in addition, a training plan is to be created.


Our contribution

Enotrac first analysed the previously established process over the complete life cycle of a component, from specification and supplier selection through to disposal. On this basis, a concept was developed on how the planning and organisation in asset and maintenance management needed to be adapted. Tasks, competences and responsibilities were defined accordingly.

This review and adaptation was based on the example of a secondary spring component and then rolled out to other safety-critical components. Forms and work instructions were created in collaboration with the client. Cross-departmental competence management was established and employees were trained.

In close cooperation with the various project participants on behalf of the client, Enotrac was able to design the processes in a future-proof and rule-compliant manner so that all safety objectives could be achieved.



  • Customer

    zb – Zentralbahn

  • Period

    2019 – 2020

  • Location

    Stansstad, Switzerland

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