About the project

In order to carry out the required measurements, the vehicle-machine combination, consisting of the geological probing unit and the flat wagon, had to be approved as a service vehicle. The responsibility for the risk assessment lay with Enotrac. In close cooperation between Geoprofile and Enotrac, the necessary authorisation documents were created. A special feature of this project is that the vehicle-machine combination is not permanently assembled, but must be dismantled and reassembled regularly for measurements. The variable use of different flat wagons poses an additional challenge, as a correct set-up must always be ensured, especially with regard to grounding. The approval was granted by the Federal Office of Transport (BAV).

Our contribution

Enotrac was responsible for creating the approval documents for the project. This included the approval concept, the documents list, as well as a safety report including a risk analysis. Furthermore, Enotrac acted as the interface to the Federal Office of Transport (BAV) and was responsible for exchanging information with BAV..

Facts and Figures

proofs provided
components that must be installed on the flat wagon each time
Pressure through the probe
  • Client

    Geoprofile GmbH

  • Periode

    November 2022 – June 2023

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