Depending on the respective feeding and operating concept, charging systems are used in a wide variety of ways. For e-buses, charging can take place overnight at a line-independent location (such as in the garage or in the depot), at a charging station at the terminal stop or with fast on-route chargers at intermediate charging stations. For trolleybuses, charging takes place via the partial overhead line.

Enotrac takes over the conceptual design, planning and project management of stationary charging stations for E-bus or trolleybus systems, taking into account the higher-level operation and the existing overhead line network. The charging systems are integrated into existing or newly constructed buildings as well as into depots and workshops. Operational simulations are carried out with the simulation tool Fabel, developed internally by Enotrac, for optimal dimensioning of the charging stations as well as the determination of optimal charging locations.

Source header image: istock, Federico Fermeglia

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