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Train control systems play a crucial role in mitigating risks associated with train operations. These systems intervene in situations where potential hazards may occur, such as when a train surpasses a red signal or exceeds the designated speed limit. Since 2016, the Federal Office of Transport has implemented explicit regulations within its guideline for journeys lacking sufficient train control, which encompasses journeys in meter gauge networks. At that time, a generic risk analysis was conducted, valid for a period of five years. Consequently, in 2022, an update to this risk analysis was necessary.

To fulfill this requirement, Enotrac was entrusted by the Association of Historic Swiss Railways (HECH) with the task of carrying out the necessary update to the risk analysis.

Our contribution

Enotrac undertook a comprehensive revision of the risk analysis, incorporating valuable insights gained from the existing document. This involved the following key activities:

  • Thoroughly reviewing and updating the report and event trees
  • Facilitating the consultation process for the report, which included obtaining written consent from all infrastructure managers responsible for the lines on which historic trains operate.

By meticulously addressing these aspects, Enotrac ensured the risk analysis was updated with the latest information and received the necessary approvals from relevant infrastructure managers.

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    HECH Verband historischer Eisenbahnen Schweiz

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