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As part of the planning of railway projects, ENOTRAC determines the magnetic field exposure at locations along the railway that are sensitive to non-ionising radiation based on simulation calculations with the Softwaretool Fabel In addition, measurements are carried out to determine the magnetic field exposure of existing installations, or as a verification of compliance after the realisation of construction projects.

These measurements serve as evidence for railways, but also for builders and architects of buildings adjacent to railway facilities.

Measurements along a railway line

3D model of the calculated magnetic field for a substation

Representation of the magnetic field in cross section

Enotrac conducts about 40 such verifications every year. In recent years, a large number of these projects have been implemented throughout Switzerland in all national languages. Enotrac’s specialists are commissioned by railway operators such as BLS AG, Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB), Rhätische Bahn (RhB), SBB, Freiburgische Verkehrsbetriebe (TPF), Transports Publics Neuchâtelois (transN) or Zentralbahn (zb), and also developers and architects of buildings on plots of land directly adjacent to the railway.

Examples of projects undertaken by Enotrac include:

  • NIR verification for conversion of Landquart railway station, client: Rhaetian Railway (RhB)
  • Measurement of magnetic field exposure on the double track Goldach – Rorschach, client: SBB
  • NIR verification for the Ligerz tunnel, client: SBB
  • Clarification of NIR for overbuilding of a plot in Altstetten, client: Implenia
  • NIS verification for the reconstruction of Sugiez railway station, client: Fribourg Transport Authority (TPF)
  • Clarification of NIR for the Allmend school building in Zurich-Manegg, client: City of Zurich
  • Consideration of NIR in the context of changes to building regulations in the municipality of Moosseedorf, client: municipality of Moosseedorf
  • NIR study for the new freight terminal in Monthey, client: Syngenta

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