Engineering & Consulting

Rolling Stock procurement and operational implementation

For the different phases in the context of procuring rolling stock, ENOTRAC offers extensive services.

  • Tender phase: Development of rolling stock concepts and specifications, creation of tender documents, tender evaluation support.
  • Project planning phase post contract award: Design review, construction support and approvals, type tests support.
Chemins de Fer Luxembourgois 
Rhätische Bahn 

Construction supervision of the new trains for Chemins de Fer Luxembourgois

The Chemins de Fer Luxembourgois (CFL) have been procuring several series of double deck trains. ENOTRAC supports CFL in the procurement and construction phase. Key ENOTRAC tasks include:

  • Elaboration of tender documentation for train procurement (including maintenance contract)
  • Evaluation of the offers, negotiations with potential suppliers, recommendations to CFL
  • Technical advice and reviews with CFL
  • Design reviews
  • First article inspections
  • Certifying the vehicles
  • Supervising the commissioning of vehicles
Dosto CFL designpicturezoom

Commissioning services for Rhätische Bahn main line train sets

The Rhätische Bahn is procuring 5 main line train sets from Stadler Rail. Contracted by the RhB, ENOTRAC is responsible for supervising the commissioning of the train sets and the type/routine tests.

The tasks include:

  • Undertaking of work approvals
  • Reviewing the commissioning and auditing activities
  • Overseeing the guarantee and supplementary work
brake testingzoom
during work on trainzoom
Train in Samaden, Switzerlandzoom


The SBB is investing in train diagnostics for use on DPZplus train sets. The diagnostic data from the trains continuously reports back to a central trackside database. The data captured in this database provides a basis for the monitoring of the trains systems.
ENOTRAC was commissioned by the SBB, using the diagnostic data as a basis, to verify the behaviour of the newly operating subsystems as well as optimising the train diagnostics. The contract includes:

  • Support with the introduction of the FRACAS-process
  • The creation of tools to analyse the data
  • Periodic data evaluation and analysis
  • Weak spot analysis of the subsystems and optimising the train diagnostics
  • Supporting SBB and their suppliers with system optimisation

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