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ENOTRAC engineers are your competent partners in the fields of rolling stock engineering and railway technology. By leveraging on this expertise, ENOTRAC has successfully completed, amongst others, the following engineering and retrofit projects in the last couple of years:

S-Bahn Zürich DPZplus
NPZ Domino
M1 line
Snow plough locomotive

Engineering for the retrofit of Zürich S-Bahn double deck trains

The SBB Passenger Division decided that the double deck trains, which were acquired about 20 years ago, would undergo a major refit programme. The Refit includes: the installation of air conditioning units, replacement of on board power supply systems, renewing the vehicle interior and the integration of a new low floor double deck coaches into existing DPZ units. Technical upgrades are to be performed to ensure another 20 years of operation.

ENOTRAC is in charge of the electrical engineering from concepts through to production documents for use by industrial workshops of SBB who carry out the refit work. Furthermore, ENOTRAC is responsible for:

  • Enhancement of train diagnostics and fault displays, including the set up of a FRACAS process in a latter stage
  • Planning of tests and homologation,
  • The safety management.

In addition, SBB commissioned ENOTRAC to adapt the software of the existing door control (Micas generation):

  • To adapt the existing software using existing concepts and specifications as a basis,
  • Laboratory testing, including the development of a testing facility,
  • Review of documentation,
  • Creation of test instructions,
  • Commissioning
Test train while testing the multiple traction between Winterthur and Weinfeldenzoom
Entry DPZ wagonzoom
Examination of the cable layout by an ENOTRAC employee during the cabling work in SBB's industrial workshop in Oltenzoom
AB-Wagon during the montage- and wiring work in SBB's industrial workshop in Oltenzoom
Micas doorsystemzoom
An ENOTRAC employee testing the adjusted door controlzoom

Retrofitting of the automatic couplers on Domino vehicles

All RegioAlps Domino trains as well as other trains belonging to SBB, were to be retrofitted by SBB with the installation of automatic couplers. ENOTRAC was tasked with the engineering for the electrical integration of the automatic couplers. This included:

  • Specification of the vehicle control functions,
  • The preparation of design and manufacturing documents,
  • Support during manufacturing and commissioning,
  • Conducting type tests.
NPZ Domino, Region Alpszoom
Kupplung NPZ Domino, Region Alpszoom

Engineering of the traction equipment vehicles for the M1 line

The Transports publics de la region lausannoise intend to expand their existing fleet of vehicles for the M1 line. Various options were investigated: the refitting of existing rolling stock, the construction of new rolling stock based on the existing design and the purchase of completely new rolling stock.

ENOTRAC was commissioned with the system-engineering for the traction equipment and the vehicle control system.

This included:

  • The systems engineering of traction equipment and vehicle control.
  • Preparation of requirement specifications for chopper and vehicle control.
  • Planning, performance and analysis of test runs.
  • Vehicle authorisation support
fleet of vehicles for linie M1zoom
Vehicle composition linie M1zoom

The Swedish infrastructure operator Trafikverket ordered a self-propelled, 360° revolving rail-bound snow plough from Zaugg AG. The construction of the underframe and the traction and railway-related elements of the machine were carried out by the subcontractor Matisa SA. ENOTRAC carried out the complete electrical engineering on behalf of Matisa SA.
This includes:

  • Creation of concepts, interface definition, electrical wiring diagrams, production documents
  • Support for EMV compliance, system validation and safety case for the brakes
  • Consideration of specific requirements due to extreme winter conditions (-40°C)
Snow plough locomotive
Snow plough locomotive
Snow plough locomotive

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