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Energy consumption and energy efficiency

With the separation of infrastructure and operations, the registering and billing of effective energy consumption on trains is becoming increasingly important. In public tendering, energy efficiency and energy costs get higher attention. ENOTRAC is active in various fields:

  • energy consumption calculation or precasts
  • measuring of energy consumption
  • installation of energy measurement systems on-board rolling stock
  • analysis and implementation of energy saving measures

 Analysis of the specific energy consumption of trains
Refitting of energy counters on vehicles
Analysis of energy consumption for the purpose of allocating costs to the areas of operation
Energy consumption simulations and measurements

In a system where infrastructure management and operation are separated, it is customary for the operators to pay track access charges to the infrastructure company for every operating train. The charge usually includes costs of the energy required to drive the train. E.g. in Switzerland the charge is expressed as a cost per tonne.kilometre for every train category.

SBB commissioned ENOTRAC to investigate the actual energy consumed by trains and the equivalent amount of energy as included in the track access charge. The study covered tilting trains (ICN) and Re460-hauled passenger trains for the long distance traffic on the most important lines. Train energy consumption data were recorded continuously on the vehicle computer and subsequently analysed. A similar measurement method was used on SBB cargo freight trains.
For the tap-changer locomotives Re 420 and Re 620, the energy consumption was calculated using the ENOTRAC simulation tool FABEL. Various factors such as train load, additional stops, and influence of regenerative braking were examined. The calculations were validated against data from earlier measurements.

Energieverbrauch von Zügen

ÖBB Infrastruktur AG has developed an energy measurement system together with partner firms, which records the energy consumption of trains on motor vehicles and periodically sends the data to a central database. Based on the captured data the operators are charged accordingly for their energy costs.

Under contract from ÖBB, ENOTRAC is responsible for the retrofit engineering of the “RailwayBox” and “RailpowerBox” on various locomotive types (including the BLS AG Re 485, types 182 and 189 from Siemens and the type 13 from Alstom). The remit includes the provision of the technical documentation for the refit of the systems in the workshop.

Furthermore, ENOTRAC provides support services to BLS and ÖBB for re-homologation of the vehicles in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and in Italy based on the common safety methods (CSM).

A locomotive type ES64U2 from Siemens which is ear marked for a refit with an energy measurement system.zoom

For the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGBahn) ENOTRAC was responsible for analysing the energy consumption of its rolling stock fleet. As a basis for the elaboration of possible energy saving measures energy consumption figures for the decisive parts of the vehicle fleet are determined.

The determination of the figures is based both on simulations and on data analysis of energy meters that were installed on certain vehicles. Based on the performed analyzes MGBahn disposes of specific energy consumption figures for each train type and lines, which reflect the actual energy consumption during operation

Glacier Expresszoom

ENOTRAC has supported the customer VRR (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr) in complex questions concerning energy consumption and energy efficiency within the scope of three different vehiclerolling stock procurements.
This includes:

  • Assessment and verification of the Mmanufacturer's datacalculations on predicted energy consumption by comparison with own simulations
  • Validation of energy consumption values by means of measurement during test runs
Energy consumption
Energy consumption simulations and measurements
Energy consumption simulations and measurements

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