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Rolling Stock

Our Services:

  • Engineering support for new vehicle designs and retrofits
  • Planning, specification, and execution of measurements, type and commissioning tests
  • Procurement support for rolling stock, subsystems and components
  • Hardware and software development
  • Assessments, safety cases and approvals

Modern rolling stock can feature complex, smart technologies and are typically designed for a long lifespan under extreme conditions, normally 30 years. They represent significant capital expenditure for train operating companies and leasing companies. The procurement of new rolling stock, therefore, must be carefully managed and assessed. ENOTRAC offers railway operators comprehensive support at all stages of the procurement process, from the writing of calls for tender documentation (as per World Trade Organisation guidelines), and the objective evaluation of bids, to the approval of design documentation through to the management of the vehicle acceptance process.

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Through our engineering expertise, we provide concrete technical solutions for rolling stock manufacturers in the protection of high-voltage circuits, interference current monitoring, filter design, or the optimisation of regenerative brake characteristics, for example. ENOTRAC customers also benefit from our experience and software tools in other specialist areas, including traction power supply, energy consumption calculations, and compatibility with signalling systems.

The economic, technical and operative lifespan of existing rolling stock can be significantly prolonged through the replacement of obsolete systems by more powerful or cost-effective solutions and through the use of the most advanced technologies available. Such an approach favours best-value-for-money and promotes a responsible and sustainable allocation of resources. ENOTRAC engineers are delighted to meet the challenge of modernising existing rolling stock.

Project examples:

  • Engineering & Retrofit

    Engineering & Retrofit

    ENOTRAC engineers are your competent partners in the fields of rolling stock engineering and railway technology. By leveraging on this expertise, ENOTRAC has successfully completed, amongst others, the following engineering and retrofit projects in the last couple of years.

  • Rolling stock procurement and operational implementation

    Rolling stock procurement and operational implementation

    For the different phases in the context of procuring rolling stock, ENOTRAC offers extensive services.

  • Consulting and support

    Consulting and support

    ENOTRAC engineers have extensive knowledge of current rolling stock technologies. They are also well acquainted with the complexities of the railway environment. They know the technical and operational requirements for rolling stock and its subsystems. Thanks to this, ENOTRAC is capable of providing professional consultancy services to railway operators and manufacturers alike.

  • Expertise


    Experts from ENOTRAC carry out independent assessments, e.g. in the areas of train control command and signalling, electrical equipment and the overall railway system.

  • Hardware- and Software-Development

    Hardware- and Software-Development

    The development of customer-specific products (electronics) and software (TCMS) for use on-board rolling stock are core competences of ENOTRAC.

  • Energy consumption & energy efficiency

    Energy consumption & energy efficiency

    With the separation of infrastructure and operations, the registering and billing of effective energy consumption on trains is becoming increasingly important. In public tendering, energy efficiency and energy costs get higher attention.

  • Automatic Train Protection (ATP) / Automatic Train Operation (ATO)

    Automatic Train Protection (ATP) / Automatic Train Operation (ATO)

    ENOTRAC has a wide range of experience in the field of Automatic Train Protection (ATP) and Automatic Train Operation (ATO), in particular with ETCS (European Train Control System), being implemented all over the world and replacing existing systems. Associated with this is the retro-fitting of existing rolling stock with ETCS on-board equipment.

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