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When ENOTRAC was founded in 1987, our aim was to carry out challenging, and interesting engineering that would bring great value to our clients. This is still our aim today.

Our field of work is primarily defined by our clients, who all share a railway background, including train and infrastructure operators, manufacturers, public authorities and other rail engineering firms. We provide them with technical advice and solutions, with an emphasis on electrical engineering, though in practice, like the railway business environment itself, the solutions are of an interdisciplinary nature.

We set ourselves very high targets relating to specialist competence, quality, professionalism, efficiency, and reliability. Other qualities we strive to achieve include objectivity, independence, fairness, openness and friendliness. We are convinced that these qualities contribute to the very high client satisfaction we have been enjoying consistently throughout the years.

Thanks to the trust established, we are able to offer our staff long-term employment and fulfilling careers. The well-being of our employees is of great concern to us; at ENOTRAC we pride ourselves in our good team spirit and comfortable working atmosphere, which, in turn, have a positive effect on the service we provide. This is very much in the interest of our clients.


from left to right:

Stefan Nydegger, Director, Energy Division

Dr. Michael Dalacker, Managing Director

Jens Schulze, Director, RAMS Division

Andreas Bleiker, Director, Rolling Stock Division

René Schär, Director, Energy Division

Unsere Mitarbeiter und Mitarbeiterinnen Enotrac schweiz & UK

ENOTRAC AG and ENOTRAC UK, operate a quality management system as per the requirements of ISO 9001. Both companies are certified according to ISO Norm 9001:2015.

Through many years of experience, ENOTRAC has developed its own enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite of tools to :

  1. Provide up-to-the minute information for project management both internally and to clients.
  2. Maintain the high quality of ENOTRAC’s deliverables
  3. Improve efficiency

By their nature, such tools also greatly facilitate compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 concerning recording and traceability.


ENOTRAC is a member of various industry bodies. ENOTRAC was on the board of SWISSRAIL from 1995 to 2006, (as an executive director from 2000 to 2006, and as chairman from 2002 to 2004)

Conformity assessment body for railways

SCONRAIL is a joint venture of the three parent companies ENOTRAC AG, PROSE AG and TÜV Rheinland InterTraffic GmbH. The employees of the parent companies are integrated in the SCONRAIL projects as technical experts. SCONRAIL is therefore an independent company, without any financial ties to railway operators or manufacturers.

SCONRAIL is in a position to assess and to certify Subsystems and Components in the rail system in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom against their national rules out of one hand supplementing the function as Notified Body (NoBo) throughout Europe resulting in crucial advantages for our customers with regard to efficiency within the certification process.

In the context of certification of Subsystems and Components in the rail system the employment of a „Designated Body“ (DeBo) is required to assess the compliance with the Notified National Technical Rules following the EU directives 2008/57/EG* and 2011/217/EU**.

SCONRAIL has recently been appointed as DeBo by the National Safety Authorities of Switzerland (BAV) based on the by 1st July 2013 adapted national legislation. The appointment as “Interims-DeBo” in Germany is based on the respective "Memorandum of Understanding". Given the legal situation SCONRAIL can also act as assessor in Austria. Furthermore SCONRAIL is appointed as Designated Body in the United Kingdom since more than a year.

* EU-directive 2008/57/EG: Interoperability of the rail system
** EU-recommendation 2011/217/EU: Commission Recommendation on the Authorisation for the placing in service of structural Subsystems and Vehicles


ENOTRAC was founded in 1987 by Heinz Voegeli and Dieter Würgler. At first, the two-man operation was based in a small office in Thun. Soon came the first two employees, who are still with us. The workload was promising, our reputation and the demand for our services grew, and we were soon in a position to employ further engineers. In 1989, needing more office space, we moved to Uetendorf.

Our field of work as well as our areas of expertise widened continuously, in response to strong client demand. At first we focused on vehicle engineering, while large IT-developments were progressing in parallel. ENOTRAC was further developing simulation and calculation programs for railway traction power systems, which were used for the design of S-Bahn in Zürich; the company was also busy designing and implementing TRACTIVITY, a vehicle and maintenance management software solution, which was commissioned for 5 railway operators in 1991. An increasing number of foreign contracts were carried out.

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In 1992 the English office, ENOTRAC UK Ltd, was founded together with Dr. Ziad Mouneimne in Sutton, near London. Although most contracts still came from Switzerland and Great Britain, the ENOTRAC group secured assignments in the rest of Europe, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, China, and South America. The spectrum of services and expertise grew significantly.

In 1999, work began in close association with the firm PC-Soft, to develop VIPSCARSIS, the follow-up product to TRACTIVITY. In 2006, together with the firms PROSE AG and TÜV InterTraffic GmbH, ENOTRAC founded the conformity assessment body SCONRAIL AG.

In 2006 ENOTRAC moved back to Thun, in offices located by the railway station.

ENOTRAC AG, Seefeldstrasse 8, 3600 Thun, Switzerland, Tel: +41 33 346 66 11
ENOTRAC SA, Avenue de la Gare 1, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland, Tel: +41 21 623 83 00
ENOTRAC UK Ltd, Chancery House St Nicholas Way Sutton, Surrey SM1 1JB England, Tel: +44 20 8770 3501

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