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Standard for substations UW 2012

To reduce the Life Cycle Cost and increase availability, a new standard for substations UW2012 has been developed by SBB Energy. An additional target was the improvement of safety and environmental compatibility. As a result, the system layout, system schematics as well as the implemented technology were optimised and brought in line with the newest technology. ENOTRAC was contracted for the project management, the process lead and the documentation.

Technical design guidelines and specifications were created to be used as technical documentation for future constructions and calls for tenders, based on the new substation standard UW 2012. Those specifications then have been published as a technical design standard for the first turnkey-tender by SBB-Energy.
ENOTRAC was in charge of the major part of the specifications, including their coordination with third parties, and also of the creation of the turnkey-tender. The specifications for the 15-kV-indoor-switching-system, as well as the 132-kV-hybrid switching-module, have been developed with DB and ÖBB.

In 2014, SBB AG published the call for tenders for the construction of three substations (Ulrichen, Brig, Luins) as a turn-key-package. ENOTRAC prepared the technical scope of delivery, the scope of work and the technical specifications, based on the new SBB standard UW 2012. The technical scope of delivery and scope of work included the structural and excavation engineering of the 132kV GIS facility, the traction current and coupling transformers (132/16 kV, 132/11 kV and 132/66 kV), the 15 kV indoor switching system, the high and medium voltage lines (cabling, overhead line, framework), the 66 kV and 15 kV AIS, the return line and earthing system, as well as the house load composition, the local control and protection technology.
ENOTRAC supported SBB AG during the tendering phase by answering the technical questions from the bidders. Afterwards, the technical part of each proposal was examined, assessed and finalized among all of the bidders.

Example of an interface concept for turnkey submissions of substations. Copyright SBB Infrastruktur, Energiezoom

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