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Static converter at Obermatt

Static converter Obermatt during winterzoom

For the new rack and tunnel line of the Zentralbahn to Engelberg, the traction current supply had to be enhanced. For this purpose, a new static converter in Obermatt was built by the infrastructure energy department of the Swiss Federal Railway, who is tasked by the Zentralbahn and responsible for the traction current supply. ENOTRAC conducted and co-ordinated all the detailed technical clarifications between the manufacturer (ABB), the operators (SBB and zb) as well as the local energy provider. This included the creation of the bid documents, accompanying the design and creation of the facility and planning and conduction of field tests. The aim was the correct integration of the new static converter in the overall system (railway network, existing rolling stock, the new Engelberg tunnel, facilities of the three-phase current and high voltage network etc.) while keeping the previously developed turn-key concept.

Principle scheme of the static converter Obermattzoom
Overview of the static converter Obermattzoom

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