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RhB (Rhetian Railways) network system

Since a long time, ENOTRAC supported RhB in the development of its traction power supply. The following are examples of the ENOTRAC’s recent tasks.

In December 2014, SBB implemented a 30-minute journey time between Zurich and Chur. As a consequence, RhB also decided to implement 30-minutes journey time on various lines within its network.

ENOTRAC used FABEL to forecast the power demands on RhB’s network until the year 2030. ENOTRAC has also assessed the impact of these demands on the traction power supply, identified the necessary investment and written a proposal for future action. Necessary actions and their impact were shown as part of a complete network overview, through integration with additional analysis. These included aspects such as the infrastructure upgrade on the Chur – Arosa line, the power supply renovation on the Bernina railway, and the impact of the new Swiss power supply regulation.

During the maintenance of Sils power plant and substation, technical and organizational measures are required to reliably ensure the traction power supply is shutdown safely. Risks and actions have been identified and detailed in an action plan.

The frequency converter of RhB cannot withstand overload. To avoid a large traction network outage, ENOTRAC has proposed a frequency dependent power limitation. As result the Ge 4/4 III and the multiple ABe 8/12 and 4/16 ABe rolling stock units were equipped with a frequency dependent power limitation. The frequency converter’s characteristic curves had also been adjusted and put into operation at the same time. ENOTRAC was in charge of the definition, the specification for tendering, and also the implementation and validation through measurements.

Considering RhB’s service requirements until 2025, the forecasted energy and power consumption until 2030 has been revised. The new forecasts were calculated by means of network simulations. At the same time, measures had been defined to strengthen and optimise the traction power supply with the local energy utility provider.

The traction power supply of RhB is linked with the SBB network; the power exchange is controlled by a central power controller. The existing power controller had to be replaced. ENOTRAC carried out the following tasks within the tendering phase for the replacement:

  • Identification of the current and future system requirements
  • Reparation of specification
  • Definition of administrative and commercial constraints

After the evaluation of tenders and the award of the contract, ENOTRAC supported RhB to create the design documents and by validating the supplier’s implementation of the auxiliary power controller requirements.

Due to a line voltage increase for RhB trains, a few components of the wagon preheating equipment have been replaced. ENOTRAC supported RhB from the preparation of the switch gear specification until the final discussions with the supplier. After the replacement, ENOTRAC measured the load on the single return conductors at the Chur railway station with several Rogowski coils, and analysed the currents flowing into the different conductors.

Static converter plant of RhBzoom
Locomotive Ge 4/4 III of RhBzoom
Generator plant of RhBzoom
RhB's preheating facility for wagonszoom

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