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Project monitoring for the Matterhorn gotthard Bahn substations at Herbriggen and Ulrichen

UW Herbriggen
UW Ulrichen

With the new terminal at Täsch, a higher frequency shuttle service between Täsch and Zermatt and more powerful rolling stock, the existing power supply system of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGBahn) was becoming overloaded, leading to operational restrictions. To stabilise the traction power supply in this resgion, the existing transformer substation in Herbriggen was converted from 15 kV to 66 kV . In addition, the voltage was increased on the transmission line, with a new feed from the SBB power supply system. ENOTRACs contract included the coordination between all concerned parties, and the assurance that the overall system meets the required functionality and quality. ENOTRAC also supported the process for obtaining the relevant authorisations.

Substation Herbriggenzoom

In Goms, the MGBahn was also struggling with poor voltage stability and inadequate availability. To meet the requirements of future traffic, a new 132/11 kV substation was built in Ulrichen. ENOTRAC developed the feeding concept for the estimated future traffic and also the protection concept with the required new neutral section and switch posts. ENOTRAC also dimensioned the 2 km long feeder lines and developed the preliminary design for all the equipment including the substation. This included the coordination and integration of requirements from various third parties (SBB, excavation, superstructure, cut-and-cover line construction, environment and authorities), sensitivity studies, cost calculation and planning the implementation. Also included in ENOTRAC’s tasks was the overall coordination, management and representing the constructor.

After the preliminary design ENOTRAC undertook the preparation of the approval procedure and its submission to the Swiss Federal office of transport, the monitoring of the process and representing the constructor. This representation continued during the tender phase and during the realisation phase of the substation, and was carried out with two other SBB substations. The monitoring included specific coordination with SBB, the clarification of technical questions as well as the evaluation of tenders. ENOTRAC prepared the submissions and the construction of the neutral sections and switch posts, as well as the coordination of the interface for the installations of the MGBahn control system. Finally ENOTRAC's mandate was extended to construction supervision and commissioning.

Design plot of the planned MGB substation in Ulrichenzoom
Construction site of the MGB substation in Ulrichenzoom

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