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BVB power study

As a basis for sound asset management (maintenance, renewals and expansions), ENOTRAC conducted an overall review of the power supply system for the tram network of the transport company in Basel (BVB). The continuously-increasing power demand meant that the power supply has to be reinforced significantly. In preparation for that, an overall technical assessment was needed.

As part of the scope of the network study, ENOTRAC modelled the entire BVB tram network in FABEL, simulated and evaluated different worst-case scenarios. Weak points of the power supply could be identified and upgrade strategies as well as future expansion standards could be defined. The developed network model is still being used as a basis for the dimensioning of new network expansions, such as the extension of line 3 to St. Louis.

Further to that and based on short-circuit calculations with FABEL, ENOTRAC conducted an analysis of the existing overhead line protection parameters. Measures were defined and an overall protection concept was developed.

FABEL simulation results: voltage stability along the tramway line of BVBzoom
Extract of the line scheme of the BVB networkzoom

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