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LOEtschberg base tunnel

For the Loetschberg base tunnel, ENOTRAC was entrusted with a wide range of engineering tasks covering the specification and rating of the 16.7 Hz traction power supply system, as well as that of the 50 Hz supply system. The list of tasks includes:

  • Load calculations
  • Electrical rating of overhead line systems, cables and network power supply
  • Earthing and return current concept design
  • Protection design, including supervision of procurement and commissioning of rate-of-rise limiting inductors at the Frutigen substation
  • Investigation of network stability
  • Non-ionising radiation assessment and other measurements to validate the design

After the system was installed, ENOTRAC planned, carried out and assessed a wide range of measurements including:

  • Network measurements at the substation converter in Wimmis (in association with emkamatik)
  • Network stability (in association with emkamatik)
  • Return current and current distribution in the tunnel, on adjoining lines and at the Gampel, Mitholz and Frutigen substations
  • Line impedance (in association with SBB)
  • Earthing (in association with FKH)
  • Temperature on the overhead line conductors
  • Demonstration of conformity with TSI Energy
  • Tractive resistance
  • EMC
  • Protection systems during severe short circuits
Situation at northern portal of the Loetschberg base tunnelzoom
Situation at northern portal of the Loetschberg base tunnelzoom
Calculation of the current distribution of the conductors within the cable ducts in the Loetschberg base tunnel for different cable cross sectionzoom
Example of a current distribution calculation for all feeding and return conductors of the catenary system in the Loetschberg base tunnelzoom

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