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The IT-program SIMNET serves the calculation of currents and voltages in a network with wires running in parallel, which is typical of a railway line with contact wire, catenary wire, supply wire, feeder, earth wires, lines and cables.

SIMNET carries out a network calculation from a model, built up of chains of cells of definable length, which consist of parallel wires, connections between the wires and connections to earth. On the basis of the input data, SIMNET calculates the self-inductance and the capacitance per unit length of the individual wires, the inductive and capacitive coupling of all the wires to each other and to earth. The skin effect in the wires, the earth current depth and the earth resistance are all taken into consideration.

The program is especially useful for

  • Calculating the current distribution between different, parallel running feed and return conductors. This current distribution is used for the calculation of magnetic fields in the software EMFCALC.
  • Calculating the impedance for various overhead line and return conductor configurations.
  • Calculating the influence of parallel running signal and communication cables.
  • Calculating the earth currents in connection with stray currents.
  • Investigation of step voltages and potential differences

Example of an arrangement of wires and their connections to each other in the SIMNET model. The diagram shows two adjacent cells – one with a supply wire, the other without.zoom
Current distribution across the return wires in the Zimmerberg Base tunnel.zoom
Wire arrangement in the Zimmerberg base tunnel with parallel running lake line.zoom

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