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Approval for the pilot application of ATO (Automatic Train Operation) takes place in three steps: A – test operation, B – test operation in mixed traffic and C – commercial operation. Each of the approval steps requires an evaluation of the applied risk management procedure as well as an expert review.

The approved train control system ETCS Level 1 Limited Supervision is used as the basis for train protection on the vehicle and infrastructure side. Vehicles of the type RBDe 567 as well as of the type Flirt 3 of the series RABe 526 are used, which were converted by Rail Systems Engineering and Stadler for use under GoA2.

For the approval of Step B, a safety assessment must be carried out by a risk assessment body (AsBo) or an independent body.

Our contribution

The independent safety assessment of the common safety method (CSM) was carried out by selected experts from Enotrac acting as the risk assessment body (AsBo) under the quality management of SCONRAIL AG. As part of this assessment, Enotrac evaluated the SOB’s risk management processes and prepared inspection notes (questions/findings). These were discussed and clarified with SOB. Subsequently, the final safety assessment report was prepared.

Furthermore, the Enotrac experts carried out an independent expert review of the completion of Step A in the SOB’s pilot application ATO GoA2. The results report and its references were examined and evaluated in order to obtain a temporary operating licence for Step B (test operation in mixed traffic).

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    SOB – Schweizerische Südostbahn

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    St. Gallen, Switzerland

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