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Risk management process and proof of safety for selected systems
Various proof of safety studies

For the safety acceptance of TRAXX DE locomotives, which runs in cross-border operation between France, Germany, Belgium and in the Netherlands, ENOTRAC was in charge of the proof of safety for the brake system and the speedometer in the cab. ENOTRAC also checked the proof of safety for the transitions of the various train protection systems when crossing the border.

Furthermore, Bombardier LOC were responsible for conducting software and hardware alterations on the TRAXX platform for their cargo fleet in Scandinavia and for the passenger fleet in the Netherlands. These alterations comprised of implementing new functions (e.g. measurement of speed through a GPS system, renewed concept for the door control in double and multiple traction, passenger alarm signal) and the component replacement of various systems (e.g. pantograph, braking, train protection, railway radio). During the alterations, ENOTRAC were responsible for the risk management aspects according to common safety methods (CSM) and produced the relevant documents for the approval.

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ENOTRAC provides support for Bombardier Transportation for the safety of line, motor and auxiliary converter controls for the new TRAXX AC3 locomotives. This includes support with processes establishment, analysis and proof of safety for propulsion control equipment. Methods and tools such as hazard workshops, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) and fault tree analysis (FTA) have been applied.

Furthermore, Bombardier Transportation had to prove the safety of modifications to the installed SW and to the braking system, together with other changes related to harsh environmental conditions, for the TRAXX AC2 locomotives. ENOTRAC supported Bombardier in the analysis and proof of safety according to the CSM process, including the creation of CSM documentation for the various changes. Adequate methods and tools to comply with the CSM process were applied.

New equipment has been installed by Bombardier on the TRAXX locomotives and modifications to the already existing SW 14C have been implemented in order to perform field tests for the innovative “true ground speed” concept. The true ground speed eliminates systematic errors due to the measuring process with data coming from the traction motor revolution sensors and therefore allows driving with an increased slip percentage, resulting in a traction force gain under very difficult adhesion conditions.

In addition, tested software was installed on the TRAXX locomotives and had been applied to commercial service. ENOTRAC supported BOMBARDIER in the safety analysis and proof of safety according to the CSM process and produced the CSM documentation needed for the homologation.

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