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Gotthard Base tunnel

The Gotthard base tunnel forms a part of the new New Railway Link through the Alps and is made up of two single track tunnels with a length of 57 kilometers. It connects the northern portal in Erstfeld and the southern portal in Bodio. With up to 2500 m of solid rock on top, the Gotthard base tunnel is the deepest railway tunnel in the world. The opening of Gotthard base tunnel is planned for June 2016.

Review of RAMS documentation
Validation of the new Gotthard base tunnel
RAMS traction power supply Gotthard rail link
On behalf of AlpTransit Gotthard AG, ENOTRAC conducted a detailed review of the RAMS studies prepared by the main railway infrastructure contractor for the Gotthard base tunnel (TTG). The contractor TTG is responsible for the delivery of the complete railway technology system and the related documentation for the Gotthard Base Tunnel.
Wire rope installation of catenary wire and bearer cablezoom

Commissioning of the complete Gotthard Base Tunnel with all its installations is a complex task. The validation forms a crucial prerequisite for the proof of safety and fitness for purpose. AlpTransit Gotthard AG tasked ENOTRAC AG with the specification and planning of the validation at systems level. This included the specification of the validation process, the methods and the specific tasks.

At systems level the validation process is divided into 14 tasks, each covering a specific topic. The validation process requires a validation specification for each topic. The results of the validation are documented in a validation report per topic. The results from these 14 topics will be summarised in an overall validation report as an umbrella document ENOTRAC supports the subsystem validators in the preparation of specifications and validation reports, and it co-ordinates the validation activities with the management board in charge of the overall approval and acceptance.

ENOTRAC has built up competence and experience in the validation of complex railway projects such as the Loetschberg base tunnel, of which ENOTRAC has successfully conducted and co-ordinated the validation.

Aerial view showing new line Altdorf/Rynächt zoom
Finished tunnel section between Faido - Bodiozoom
North portal of Gotthard base tunnelzoom

The power supply system for the new Gotthard and Ceneri railway link contains power plants, transmission lines and substations. The RAM analysis in the planning phase considered the impact on the rail traffic caused by failures and maintenance outages of the power supply system. The system description has been prepared, FMEA and FTA have been conducted.

A risk analysis was performed in accordance with European standards and Swiss regulations. A hazard log was created, and the necessary risk mitigation measures were defined. Based on the RAM and safety analyses, a proof of safety report was prepared, addressing all safety relevant aspects of the entire traction power supply system. The safety case forms the basis for the authorisation by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport.

Pylon of traction power supply of Gotthard base tunnelzoom
Graph of systemzoom

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