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Our Services:

  • RAMS engineering for rail infrastructure and rolling stock
  • Planning, execution, and documentation of verification and validation activities
  • Quality and configuration management
  • Approvals of components, subsystems and overall systems
  • Implementation of the Common Safety Method (CSM) process
  • EMC assurance and rolling stock compatibility

ENOTRAC is your competent partner for planning and carrying out reliability, availability, maintainability and safety studies, during the development or procurement of safety-critical systems. ENOTRAC engineers also act as independent safety assessors. We are experienced in the application of the railway RAMS standards, in particular EN 50126, EN 50128, and EN 50129. We also provide support for hazard identification and risk analyses. Working closely with our customers’ engineers, we apply our efficient IT tools for Hazard Log, FMECA and fault tree analyses.

In modern railways, signalling and radio telecommunications systems using high-frequency micro-processor technology operate in the immediate vicinity of powerful traction converters, circuit breakers, and current collectors. It is a major challenge to achieve and demonstrate electromagnetic compatibility in this environment. ENOTRAC has built up vast experience in the areas of compatibility between signalling systems, vehicles, and traction power supply. This includes the application of standards EN 50121, EN 50238, EN 50388, TSI energy and directives for limits of non-ionising radiation. Our engineers combine leading-edge simulation software for theoretical investigations with on-site tests and measurements to validate and complete the theoretical studies.

Inspection of Gotthard base tunnel in Sedrunzoom
Example of a fault tree analysis (FTA)zoom
The Common Safety Methods (CSMs) introduced by the European Union are mandatory for the acceptance of modifications on infrastructure and rolling stock in the EU and in Switzerland. ENOTRAC has considerable experience in the successful application of CSM in various countries and has been supporting numerous manufacturers as well as operators in this process. Co-operation with SCONRAIL as independent Assessment Body has proven to be efficient and successful.

Project examples:

  • Demonstration of conformity by a risk analysis despite deviation from norms

    Demonstration of conformity by a risk analysis despite deviation from norms

    ENOTRAC conducted a specific risk analysis in order to determine if the operation and collision behaviour was acceptable despite the deviation from crash standard EN 15227.

  • Development of interference monitor

    Development of interference monitor

    Stadler Rail AG in Switzerland is building a significant number of GTW and FLIRT electrical multiple units (EMU). For cross-border traffic between Switzerland, France and Germany, the interference current in the sensitive frequency bands of 42Hz and 100Hz track circuits needs to be monitored.

  • Finland Push-Pull-Trains ICS07 and ICS06

    Finland Push-Pull-Trains ICS07 and ICS06

    Transtech Oy had to demonstrate the safety of the new Edo-coaches ICS07 for use in Finland. This included the risk assessment of the modifications on the SW and on the braking system in comparison with the already accepted ICS06 coaches.

  • Bejing Metro

    Bejing Metro

    Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., LTD (CRC) has delivered trains for Metro Line 15 in Beijing. The goal of CRC was to certify the SIL1 and SIL2 safety functions of the Train Control and Management System (TCMS) of these trains according to the relevant CENELEC safety standards (EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129).

  • ABB X2000

    ABB X2000

    ABB carried out a modernisation of the Swedish high speed trains X2000 from SJ. ENOTRAC supported ABB within the organisation.

  • Operation without automatic train protection

    Operation without automatic train protection

    ENOTRAC carried out generic risk analyses for the special gauge (meter gauge) and the standard gauge in collaboration with the governing body of historic railways in Switzerland (HECH).

  • Shanghai Line 14 – RAMS for unmanned Metro

    Shanghai Line 14 – RAMS for unmanned Metro

    Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co. Ltd. buys new metro trains for the line 14 in Shanghai. ENOTRAC provides support to BT in the management of the RAMS activities for the new vehicles.

  • Safety for automatic metro lines m2 and m3 at Lausanne

    Safety for automatic metro lines m2 and m3 at Lausanne

    ENOTRAC is the contractor of the overall safety for the adaption of the line m2 and the development of the line m3.

  • Operation without automatic train protection

    Operation without automatic train protection

    ENOTRAC carried out a generic risk analysis in collaboration with the governing body of historic railways in Switzerland (HECH). The selected methods were based on applicable standards, especially EN 50126.

  • Own tools

    Own tools

    Safebase is an administrative tool for the support of RAMS projects. The main function of this tool is the “danger-logbook” for the management of dangers and risks in projects. Safebase can be used for the risk-analysis at the start of a project and at the end of a project.

  • London Underground

    London Underground

    The Propulsion and Control Division of Bombardier Transportation (PPC) delievered the propulsion, control and auxiliary equipment for new rolling stock on several lines of London Underground. Bombardier had to demonstrate compatibility of the new trains with the existing or newly built railway infrastructure (power supply, signalling and telecommunication systems).

  • Gotthard base tunnel

    Gotthard base tunnel

    The Gotthard base tunnel forms a part of the new New Railway Link through the Alps and is made up of two single track tunnels with a length of 57 kilometers. It connects the northern portal in Erstfeld and the southern portal in Bodio. With up to 2500 m of solid rock on top, the Gotthard base tunnel is the deepest railway tunnel in the world.

  • Loetschberg base tunnel

    Loetschberg base tunnel

    The Loetschberg base tunnel is a part of the new alpinie rail links built between Switzerland and Italy. The tunnel is 34.6 kilometers long and started commercial operation in June 2007.

  • Talgo 350

    Talgo 350

    Patentes Talgo SA (Talgo) and Bombardier Transportation (BT) formed a consortium for the construction of the new high-speed trains for operation on high-speed lines in Spain.

  • Vehicle Components

    Vehicle Components

    For safety critical vehicle components, such as rotary speed sensors or fire and smoke detectors, there is an increasing demand for safety certification in accordance with the applicable railway safety standards. ENOTRAC has assisted several manufacturers in the safety certification of such components.

  • Topology and reliability of GSM-R radio installation

    Topology and reliability of GSM-R radio installation

    On railway tracks equipped with ETCS level 2, the availability requirements on the GSM-R radio system is very high since it is essential for the transmission of the movement authority to the driver’s cab.

  • TRAXX locomotives

    TRAXX locomotives

    ENOTRAC provides support for Bombardier Transportation for the safety of line, motor and auxiliary converter control for the new TRAXX AC3 locomotives. This included support in the processes establishment, analysis and proof of safety for propulsion control equipment. Methods and tools such as hazard workshops, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) and fault tree analysis (FTA) have been applied.

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