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Rail infrastructure and rolling stock are the rail operators’ primary assets for delivering transport services. Therefore, it is mandatory to operate and to maintain these effectively over decades. Repair and maintenance costs contribute a significant amount to the entire cost of such assets during their overall life cycle. With support from ENOTRAC, asset management and both the accounting and minimisation of the total life cycle cost (LCC) will be competently addressed. In addition, ENOTRAC provides special know-how and the required tools to optimise the energy efficiency of electrical railway systems in a sustainable manner.

Energy Efficiency

  • Simulation of energy consumption
  • Economical optimisation of technical solutions
  • Implementation
  • Energy cost accounting

Life Cycle Cost (LCC)

  • Preparation of LCC Analyses for new builds and conversions
  • In operation and maintenance
  • Cost Driver Analysis
  • Operation and Maintenance Cost Optimisation

Asset Management

  • Consultancy for the introduction of Asset Management Systems
  • Definition of required equipment and human resources
  • Elaboration of technical solutions
  • Reduction of number of revisions
  • Spare parts optimisation
  • Obsolescence management

  • Power Supply Study for «Grand Paris Express»

    Power Supply Study for «Grand Paris Express»

    Société du Grand Paris (SGP) commissioned ENOTRAC to perform a power supply study and an additional study for «Grand Paris Express».

  • Energy Efficiency Analysis

    Energy Efficiency Analysis

    Commissioned by Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB), ENOTRAC identified the major energy consumptions, estimated their potentials for savings and outlined possible measures to improve energy efficiency.

  • Bernina Line Power Study

    Bernina Line Power Study

    When RhB planned the procurement of 15 new high performance multiple units for the operation on the Bernina line they had to make sure that the traction power supply could support additional loads.

  • Life Cycle Cost / LCC Engineering

    Life Cycle Cost / LCC Engineering

    LCC / RAM Metrics for Articulated Vehicles (GTW), LCC Calculcation for Locomotives as well as LCC Calculations for Double-deck Trains.

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