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Energy efficiency from concept to implementation

Energy efficiency is the topic of the day in the world of public transport. In addition to the protection of the environment, economic interests are at the center in the operation of rail vehicles and buses: every kilowatt-hour saved is a good kilowatt-hour. New approaches combined with modern technologies, for example, allow the direct use of renewable energies, the optimization of the speed profile, an efficient and cost-effective storage of braking energy which also opens the door to operations without a contact line. These new possibilities make it possible to achieve higher targets in terms of energy savings.

Successful implementation requires technical knowledge and competence in all of the multi-faceted and interrelated systems on-board as well as infrastructure, know-how in the operation of public transport together with knowledge of regulations and laws and a good understanding of economic aspects. ENOTRAC, active for over 30 years in the world of electric transport of all kinds, offers its customers exactly the necessary know-how and experience. Whether the requirement is simulation and sizing, testing and measurement, or providing advice and expertise, we have the knowledge and experience to significantly improve energy efficiency in public transport and to support you in finding the best concepts and going on to implement the best solution.

Energy Efficiency
  1. Train simulations of the traction power supply to determine the energy saving potential of various infrastructure measures, such as inverters or energy storage devices
  2. Demonstrating the influence of driving style and timetable/operation on energy consumption
  3. Assessing or quantifying the energy consumption of auxiliary systems, such as point heaters
  4. Carrying out measurements to verify the predicted energy consumption of trains
  5. System and cross-national considerations (e.g. system separation sections)
  6. Assessment standards of energy measurement systems on vehicles (e.g. RailPowerBox) according to EU
  7. Determine efficiency of regenerative braking in DC systems
  8. Covering the issue of energy efficiency in the procurement of vehicles
  9. Consideration of energy efficiency in rolling stock engineering
  10. Use of renewable energy sources (such as photovoltaic systems) in railway systems
  11. Implementation of energy-saving measures for railways
  12. Energy consumption studies / calculations
  13. Investigation and consideration of economic aspects in the development of energy-saving measures
  14. Influence of catenary-less driving on traction power supply

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